Pregnancy Support

Having trained with Renee Adair at the Australian Doula college, Jeff feels privileged to be working with pregnant women to encourage a smooth and drug-free pregnancy term. Jeff’s treatments provide care from conception to natural birth induction.

Nausea or morning sickness is common during early pregnancy. At this time pregnant bodies produce extra hormones to sustain the pregnancy, making you sensitive to food and smells. Acupuncture settles morning sickness by restoring balance to the digestive system.

The weight of a growing baby can make a comfortable and un-interrupted sleep challenging. Acupuncture and shiatsu therapy helps align the hips and pelvis which relieves pinched nerves.

As you move closer to labour and birth, acupuncture can assist in:

  • Encouraging breech babies to move into the correct position, safely and naturally
  • Encourage labour through drug-free induction as treatment creates a gentle descending movement

As part of the natural birth induction Jeff provides tools for couples to help themselves. “I’m happy to teach the specific pressure points used to encourage a safe and natural birth. Expectant mums are much more likely to go into labor when they feel supported”

"As a doula referring clients onto others is something we often do to help women achieve the best outcome for themselves. It’s so important when referring clients that you feel 100% confident with whom you are referring them too – this is always the case with Jeff.

I always recommend Jeff as he has provided time and time again the best care to my clients, from induction acupuncture to preparation for labour as well as a range of things that can come up in pregnancy.

Jeffs caring nature and wisdom is greatly appreciated by me and the women I work with. I am constantly told by the women I support that Jeff has gone above and beyond to support them as well."

Lucretia McCarthy
Doula, Childbirth Educator & Placenta Encapsulation Specialist. 

I would be honored being the catalyst for healing and realization of your dream in becoming a parent.
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  • "My husband and I are forever indebted to Jeff for helping us conceive our two beautiful children. Jeff's treatments augmented the effectiveness of our IVF cycles safely and effectively. His calm, focussed and attentive manner was incredibly helpful during the whole process of becoming a parent and I can safely say that I now make healthier choices for myself and my family based on Jeff's sound advice"

    F.Bustos, Stanmore

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  • "We are the proud parents of a lovely daughter conceived through IVF. It took almost four years to bring her into this world. Despite various fertility treatments, a miscarriage and three fail IVF cycles, we soldiered on. I can honestly say that meeting Jeff changed my life. A friend undergoing IVF treatment referred me to Jeffrey Lee. We have found having regular acupuncture to complement our IVF treatment was very beneficial. During my IVF journey, when I have been worried or stressed, Jeff and his treatment have helped me to be more positive and calm. The treatment helped me to gain the emotional and physical strength required to undergo the challenges of IVF. To Jeff, a huge thank you for everything you have done for us, from before Chloe was conceived until after she was born! I really believe that acupuncture helped us have our family. Thank you so much! "

    A.Koh, Kew

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