Your Challenges

My passion is supporting patients in their dream to becoming parents. I assist with fertility and pregnancy challenges, and the issues that present themselves on the journey to parenthood.

By using a combination of acupuncture, herbal medicine and shiatsu therapy, I strive to facilitate change and condition your body to support every stage of fertility health. This happens from conception through pregnancy right through to natural birth inductions.

I’ve included some challenges you may be able to relate to. If this sounds like you, please get in contact.

  • My husband and I have been trying to conceive for the last couple of years. I’m fit and healthy and do all the right things to fall pregnant, but it’s still not happening. It’s been stressful on top of our already stressful life.
  • I used to party a lot when I was younger, drinking, smoking and living the good life. Could this be preventing us from falling pregnant now?
  • I’m experiencing the worst nausea and am feeling queasy most of the time. I’ve been told acupuncture helps.
  • I don’t have a regular period, so I’m not sure if I can even fall pregnant or when the best time is to try.
  • I’ve been told that I have a low sperm count and poor sperm quality. We’re looking for a natural solution to help us improve on this.
  • My Doctor says I have poly cystic ovary syndrome, and that the only way we can conceive is through IVF treatment. Is that my only option?
  • We’ve been through multiple IVF attempts and still no success. Can anything be done to increase our chances of success?
  • My doctor says I will be induced by a certain date if I don’t deliver sooner. What can be done to encourage a natural birth?
  • I’ve had two miscarriages and no one can explain why it’s happened. I’m coming into my 40’s and feel like time is running out.

Creating a fertile body is like creating an organic garden. With the right conditions and nutrients, you can welcome new life. It takes around 3 months to prepare your body for conception and pregnancy. It involves dietary and lifestyle changes, as well as treatment to nurture and support the ripening body.


I would be honored being the catalyst for healing and realization of your dream in becoming a parent.
Please get in contact today to make that change.


  • "My husband and I are forever indebted to Jeff for helping us conceive our two beautiful children. Jeff's treatments augmented the effectiveness of our IVF cycles safely and effectively. His calm, focussed and attentive manner was incredibly helpful during the whole process of becoming a parent and I can safely say that I now make healthier choices for myself and my family based on Jeff's sound advice"

    F.Bustos, Stanmore

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  • "We are the proud parents of a lovely daughter conceived through IVF. It took almost four years to bring her into this world. Despite various fertility treatments, a miscarriage and three fail IVF cycles, we soldiered on. I can honestly say that meeting Jeff changed my life. A friend undergoing IVF treatment referred me to Jeffrey Lee. We have found having regular acupuncture to complement our IVF treatment was very beneficial. During my IVF journey, when I have been worried or stressed, Jeff and his treatment have helped me to be more positive and calm. The treatment helped me to gain the emotional and physical strength required to undergo the challenges of IVF. To Jeff, a huge thank you for everything you have done for us, from before Chloe was conceived until after she was born! I really believe that acupuncture helped us have our family. Thank you so much! "

    A.Koh, Kew

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