Providing years of experience in fertility management and unravelling the mystery of the term 'unexplained infertility', Jeff Lee provides acupuncture and herbal medicine for all aspects of male and female infertility.

Jeff's treatments complement IVF support programs. Acupuncture can have positive effects on hormone levels and sperm quality, uterine lining and embryo implantation.

  • Pregnancy

    Jeff strives to make your pregnancy the best experience possible by providing natural care at every stage of your reproductive life.

    Regular sessions contribute to the best birthing conditions possible for mother and baby in a secure and effortless way.

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  • General Practice

    Jeff manages ailments ranging from the common to the challenging. Patients respond positively to pain management, sporting injuries, skin conditions and digestive disorders just to name a few.

    Using a combination of Japanese acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, and shiatsu therapy, Jeff supports and empowers your healing body to optimal health.

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  • Inspired Healing

    Jeff cares for Sydneysiders of all ages from babies to senior citizens, and is dedicated to offering holistic therapy for all conditions.

    Together, Jeff works with patients to create a health strategy to rebalance the body through diet, lifestyle, acupuncture and herbs. Jeff helps your body reach its healing potential.

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  • "My husband and I are forever indebted to Jeff for helping us conceive our two beautiful children. Jeff's treatments augmented the effectiveness of our IVF cycles safely and effectively. His calm, focussed and attentive manner was incredibly helpful during the whole process of becoming a parent and I can safely say that I now make healthier choices for myself and my family based on Jeff's sound advice"

    F.Bustos, Stanmore

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  • "We are the proud parents of a lovely daughter conceived through IVF. It took almost four years to bring her into this world. Despite various fertility treatments, a miscarriage and three fail IVF cycles, we soldiered on. I can honestly say that meeting Jeff changed my life. A friend undergoing IVF treatment referred me to Jeffrey Lee. We have found having regular acupuncture to complement our IVF treatment was very beneficial. During my IVF journey, when I have been worried or stressed, Jeff and his treatment have helped me to be more positive and calm. The treatment helped me to gain the emotional and physical strength required to undergo the challenges of IVF. To Jeff, a huge thank you for everything you have done for us, from before Chloe was conceived until after she was born! I really believe that acupuncture helped us have our family. Thank you so much! "

    A.Koh, Kew

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The Genki Centre
1 Arundel Street Glebe 2037
entry via Derwent Street

Phone: 0407 238 038